Getting Started

23 Jan 2018

Getting the Word Out…

So I had boxes of splashpants and now it was about getting the word out.  Since I didn't have a marketing budget, I knew the influencer route was the way to go. I scoured the internet to…

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30 Dec 2017


After four weeks of waiting, I got the call from my manufacturer that 300 pairs of splashpants were awaiting pick up. Reality set in.  I was excited and scared. Since I don’t have staff, that meant me…

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15 Nov 2017

Manufacturing Takes Guts

It may seem simple, a no brainer. You have a concept, you've created the plan and now it's time to place the initial order for manufacturing. Except... I knew it was important to go with…

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15 Oct 2017


Manufacturing is costly.  Minimum orders can be intimidating. Although I could have gone a different route, I had complete trust in my manufacturer that had been doing swim wear that really had high function for…

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14 Sep 2017

Prototype…what’s that?

So what's a prototype...I knew I had to build one but I didn't really have any idea what went into it. In my experience, a prototype is the first working model of your product.  You're…

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