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To Play and Not Worry

"OH MY GOODNESS!!! If you have not yet tried these Splashpants they are a must have! From the moment I put them on I was hooked! I’m a mom with two very active children who absolutely love to beoutside. Whether it’s playing in puddles, lakes, or rivers,  you name it. If it involves water and getting dirty they want a part in it..."

Honest Review for You

For the Active Mom in Your Life

"Personally as a mom I hate changing at the beach to go swimming. I have too much to think about already just getting my son ready for the water. Splashpants are perfect because they work as day to day pants, but at the same time they are made for the water as well..."

Persevering Momma

Beat Your Swimsuit Blues

"Made of compression fabric that holds up in chlorine, the splashpant is a fun alternative for water aerobics, swim workouts, stand-up paddle boarding or a visit to the waterpark. It’s perfect even if you’re not sure you’ll get wet. For running, hiking and biking you will all love these splashpants for your land workouts... "

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A secret and hidden jewel that won't be hidden for long!

"I can wear them running, hop into the pool, walk the beach, hike to a waterfall, jump on a Zipline and meet a friend for coffee on Main Street. Quick drying and great to pack for the multipurpose use, vyve's splashpants is a secret and hidden jewel that won't be hidden for long. Add to it the vyve caped hoodie and I can go to any event - street fair to the concert hall..."


Don’t feel ashamed

"Moms, there is hope for a future where kids who get periods don’t feel ashamed — and with more and more girls entering puberty earlier than ever, there are companies out there supporting that message with some really cool products... Vyve’s line of splashwear isn’t period-proof, but their capri pants can be worn over swimsuits in the water or for really sweaty activities if your teen doesn’t feel quite comfortable rocking a traditional bathing suit..."


Making Athleisure Wear Even More Versatile

"The technology behind the splashpant is called PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) — commonly used in the electrical and automotive industries, but also can be made into yarn that results in a very fast-drying fabric for swimwear. It doesn’t absorb water, but it’s also not completely waterproof. Rather, PBT repels water quickly, keeping you dry, and the compression fabric never bloats in the water..."


“Forged out of personal necessity, vyve Splashwear is the creation of a former triathlete and nationally-ranked U.S. Masters swimmer searching for swimwear that could keep her warm during her pre-dawn outdoor workouts in Southern California and could hold up in chlorinated water. After she couldn’t find anything on the market that met her needs, vyve founder Susan Gold created a prototype for what would later become the vyve splashpant…”

Meet Our Founder

This time around, we’re featuring Susan Gold for our women in small business interview series! There are so many creative ways to work from home, and Susan has mastered this by creating her awesome product, SplashPants!

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We originally created the vyve splashpant to be a bit warmer in water, hold up in chlorinate and suck to our body with no bloat. It's like a swimsuit that's a capri pant and a fun alternative for all things water and then transfers to land.

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