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40 Fashion Designers Share Their Biggest Challenges

Susan Gold – vyve

It’s been quite difficult in that I did not have a background in fashion but was an exceptional television producer. I could take an idea and manifest it to a reality repeatedly.

I went blindly from the need of having a Capri pant that would function in water but not give the cheat of neoprene for swimming. I just asked question after question and was led from one expert to another. My initial sketches were created by a 15 year-old artist who loved fashion. My prototypes were built by a friend of a friend who was a swimwear manufacturer. And voila, splashpants were born.

Then I made a mistake.

I allowed a consultant to convince me I needed an entire line to move forward, a marketing plan, connections, all of which he had access to or could create.

I made an investment I wish I hadn’t.

What I learned was it’s best to focus on a single clothing item – not a full line – and build an audience for that piece. And regardless of your mistakes, if you stay open, you can learn from everything and it all turns into positives.

I also learned there’s no simple fix and throwing money at experts isn’t always profitable. That I should trust my gut, use my own creativity and belief.


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