January 23, 2018 admin

Getting the Word Out…

So I had boxes of splashpants and now it was about getting the word out.  Since I didn’t have a marketing budget, I knew the influencer route was the way to go.
I scoured the internet to find a variety of women in categories like swimming, kayaking, surfing, hydro-aerobics and water skiing who were at the top of their game and reached out cold by email or their social sites.
One of my gem influencers who did graciously post and support the vyve brand has been Anna Levesque with Mind Body Paddle.    She’s a leading expert on paddling instruction for women and wrote the book, YOGA FOR PADDLING.  In 2017 she was voted the ‘Most Inspirational Outdoors Person’ by Blue Ridge Magazine and was named one of the most inspirational paddlers alive by Canoe and Kayak Magazine.  She’s also been featured in Time, Shape and Self Magazine.  An item for any bucket list would be a private session with Anna and you can email info at girls at play dot com to do just that!
She sent some great photos and my favorite is Anna killing it in the surf with her splashpants posted to Instagram:
Inline image 2
Such a thrill as the inventor of a baby brand to see your creation functioning to the hilt on an amazing athlete!
And now the work is to connect with women who will see the function and fun splashpants provide and have them experience all they offer.
On mush!