December 30, 2017 admin


After four weeks of waiting, I got the call from my manufacturer that 300 pairs of splashpants were awaiting pick up.

Reality set in.  I was excited and scared.

Since I don’t have staff, that meant me

Downtown I went and pulled into the loading dock.

With a check for multiple thousands of dollars in my wallet and no solid and assured plan for how to recoup those costs I silently thanked the universe for the opportunity and was ushered to a ‘packer’ who had my four boxes waiting.

The great news, I knew they’d fit in the back of my Prius.

All four boxes went in and quickly. I remembered to think positively and tried to envision coming back again for a second order when sales went so well.

Pulling into my driveway, I realized I had no packer.  I backed out and pulled back in reverse to be sure my back end was as close to my front door as possible. I already learned about loading and unloading.  I thought about opening the garage for my handcart but decided to wing it.

A box at a time, all four landed safely hidden behind my couch in my den,  vyve’s warehouse for the time being.

The next step was to inventory the boxes and organize the merchandise.  The packagers did great.  Everything was clear and all pieces were present:


This was exciting but why did I feel like I was vamping for time to know what the next step would be.