November 15, 2017 admin

Manufacturing Takes Guts

It may seem simple, a no brainer. You have a concept, you’ve created the plan and now it’s time to place the initial order for manufacturing.


I knew it was important to go with a tried and true swimwear manufacturer.  Swim wear is tricky to fit properly and there are many steps that go into the proper fit and stitching.

Sometimes the manufacturer of choice isn’t willing to lower minimum order numbers.  The minimum order I was facing was 300 pair of splashpants.  And that adds up.  Quickly.

The other thing about a minimum order of 300 was that I would need space to house it.  My closet wasn’t going to do it.

I went for a swim with my Masters team workout and my coach said, pull the trigger what’s the big deal.

I thought about responsibilities I have, financial obligations I need to meet and a big minimum order.

But when I saw one of my friends in a neighboring lane with one of my splashpant prototypes on moving through the water with joy, I decided it was time to take the next big step.

With no cash due until delivery, I signed the purchase order and let the Heavens guide the rest.