October 15, 2017 admin


Manufacturing is costly.  Minimum orders can be intimidating. Although I could have gone a different route, I had complete trust in my manufacturer that had been doing swim wear that really had high function for years.  I didn’t want to let just anyone fulfill the initial order.

Costs were high, mostly because of a 300 minimum order.  That meant thousands of dollars.  Before I pulled the trigger I decided to have friends give splashpants a try.


My friend Laura, on the left, loved the feel of her red splashpants before she even got into the water.  Tara literally said they made her feel really confident in the pool and was having fun:

Lauren flipped for her splashpants and didn’t want to take them offer after getting out of the pool:

So she kept them on for her shift as a lifeguard and loved them!

It was so gratifying to finally see other’s enjoying splashpants and the feeling I had could only be described as happiness!

I decided to bite the bullet and create the minimum order.