August 24, 2017 admin

The Story of vyve Splashpants: Concept

Who knew the journey I’d embark on when I needed to replace my swim capri’s.Even though team mates snickered, some saying I’d been wearing my pajamas to our Masters workouts, I was determined to find a great replacement when my very first pair of swim capri’s fell apart from chlorine.They were made for the ocean, not lap pools.Scouring the internet, I found little that drew my attention.I was looking for something a little less ‘matronly’ than what I was finding in a limited marketplace.As a former producer, one of the first questions I’ve been taught to ask myself is ‘who do you know…’A friend knew a manufacturer of swimwear in downtown Los Angeles.He created gobs of swimwear for the likes of J.Crew and on a bit of a whim, I called.Fortunately, he was willing to sit down with me and talk me through what I was envisioning.After a bit of polite ‘why are you doing this’ precursors, he told me if I could find the fabric, he’d be willing to build prototypes.I was happy, even though I had no idea what a prototype was and what that would involve.He sent me off with a number of a friend who sold swim fabric who might help me.That was my next baby step in a gargantuan process that I’ll save for my next post.