February 14, 2018 admin

Social Influencer or not…

Product seeding to influencers…how important is it? So often I hear about a social influencer mention that boosted an online business a dozen times over.

I decided to try it.

Initially, I would blindly send product and hope for the best – until I saw the shipment list mushrooming.

It takes some experience but what I’ve learned from the process is to stay positive, manage expectations and trust.

After several months I now know how to:

  1. Check an influencer’s following and impact
  2.  Make clear what the brand needs in return for seeding product
  3. Follow up

Using tools like SimilarWeb help you discover the rank and impact of the social influencer you’re considering.

Knowing what the brand needs – like a post with specific tags and hashtags, a comment and a share, or a photo in action with the product really helps maintain clarity and outcome.

Not letting silence just slide but reaching out and following up on the initial exchange and commitment is essential.

Though there are disappointments, there are also those that go above and beyond, give you new ideas and really value the exchange that makes it all worthwhile!