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Splashpants in the News

From the most underrated clothing brands that you love to wear, to products that help make periods less embarrassing, the VYVE Splashpants are being recognized via multiple outlets as a brand to watch! Read more about Splashpants in the news below:


This Former Triathlete Is Making Athleisure Wear Even More Versatile

“Forged out of personal necessity, VYVE Splashwear is the creation of a former triathlete and nationally-ranked U.S. Masters swimmer searching for swimwear that could keep her warm during her pre-dawn outdoor workouts in Southern California and could hold up in chlorinated water.

After she couldn’t find anything on the market that met her needs, VYVE founder Susan Gold created a prototype for what would later become the VYVE Splashpant.” ~ Forbes


These Products are Making Puberty Way Less Embarrassing for Girls Today Than it was for Us

“Vyve’s line of Splashwear isn’t period-proof, but their capri pants can be worn over swimsuits in the water or for really sweaty activities if your teen doesn’t feel quite comfortable rocking a traditional bathing suit on the beach or at the pool.” ~ Babble


What Is The Most Underrated Clothing Brand That You Love To Wear?

“Quick drying and great to pack for the multipurpose use, VYVE’s Splashpants is a secret and hidden jewel that won’t be hidden for long. Add to it the VYVE caped hoodie and I can go to any event – street fair to the concert hall.

Created by a single mompreneur out of personal need, the brand is growing organically and has already been featured in U.S. News and World Report as one of the top 15 brands for those that love the outdoors, Babble claims its a great option for menstruating girls and Dr. Oz called too.” ~  Fupping


It’s time to join the thousands that are enjoying the benefits of the Splashpants!

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